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Nice guy wikipedian『Dr. Charles Matthews』
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Charles Matthews
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Editor here since 2003. I have been project leader of Wikimedia UK's move into distance education based on Moodle. Also a compulsory position as great-uncle to the Cambridge University Wikipedia Society, which is currently dormant. YouTube channel for the AlphaGo versus Lee Se-dol match.
Photo Vienna Wikisource conference talk 20 November 2015
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I wrote a Ph.D. on Gauss sums in 1978 under Cassels in Cambridge, worked at IHES, Cambridge, Harvard, Cambridge again as a lecturer and Fellow of Queens' College. That took me up to 1988; I haven't worked as a mathematician since.
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Book:How Wikipedia Works
How Wikipedia Works:Amazon
How Wikipedia Works is a 2008 book by Phoebe Ayers, Charles Matthews, and Ben Yates. It is a how-to reference for using and contributing to the Wikipedia encyclopedia, targeted at "students, professors, and everyday experts and fans". It offers specific sections for teachers, reusers, and researchers. How Wikipedia Works (And How You Can Be a Part of It) is published by No Starch Press, part of their series of technical how-to books. The Register (UK) called it "a great one-stop source for information of the world’s go-to source for information." The book was originally published under the GNU Free Documentation License. At the time of publication, Wikipedia was also released under the GFDL. The book has since been re-licensed under the CC BY-SA, which Wikipedia now uses. It was designed as a reference work and has detailed bibliographies for each sections.
How Wikipedia Works : Phoebe Ayers; Charles Matthews; Ben Yates : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
"We cover Wikipedia from soup to nuts: for readers trying to understand what's in Wikipedia, how and why it got there, and how to analyze the quality of the content you might find on the site; for current and future editors, from basic editing techniques and wikisyntax to not-so-basic information on complicated syntax, referencing and researching content, and editing collaboratively and harmoniously; and finally for anyone interested in how Wikipedia's vibrant and complicated community comes together to produce content, resolve disputes, and keep the site running. Finally, we touch on the wider world of Wikipedias in other languages, other Wikimedia projects, and the Wikimedia Foundation itself. We close with appendices about reusing Wikipedia content according to the terms of the GFDL license, and thoughts on using Wikipedia in a classroom setting.
"Throughout, we provide community consensus viewpoints and our own thoughts on a common-sense approach to using and participating in Wikipedia, and a selection of carefully-chosen links to the thousands of pages of documentation, help and Wikipedia-space pages that we discuss -- not to mention a sprinkling of humor. In every discussion, we try to provide a sense of the community that supports and is at the heart of the Wikipedia project and mission." -- Phoebe Ayers,
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How Wikipedia WorksFrom Wikibooks, open books for an open worldThe latest reviewed version was checked on 4 July 2014. There are template/file changes awaiting review.Jump to:navigation, searchfor similar works, see Wikipedia: The Missing ManualHow Wikipedia Works is a wiki remix of the 2008 book by Phoebe Ayers, Charles Matthews, and Ben Yates, with technical edits by Samuel Klein. It is a gui...
Welcom to Kyoto Matthews family
Welcom to Kyoto Matthews family - OpenMatome
Because the parents of Heley teacher of "Omotenashi English conversation" has come to Kyoto, it was a welcome party. Moments of 2016 April 29, afternoon.

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Welcom to Kyoto Matthews family
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