One of the most popular tourist spots in Kyoto.Entry of international visitors generally requires application in advance, but participants of this tour can enter only by going through a brief
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Meet and take photos of a Maiko (apprentice Geiko, or Geisha) while watching her mai (traditional Japanese dance) in beautiful historical Kyoto settings such Machiya (traditional old-style Japanese...
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Premium photo session.Best of luxury, a time of bliss in Kyoto.Shooting venue is Shiorian Museum of Kyoto.
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Aspects of scientific Japanese revealed by JECPRESE Hiroko Hayashi(Osaka University) and Judy Noguchi(Kobe Gakuin University) Areas of interest: scientific Japanese, sensitivity for discourse strat...
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Best of luxury, a time of bliss in Kyoto.Shooting venue is Shiorian Museum of Kyoto.Maiko is Fukuno.
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MK English WebSite is Renewed.
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Because the parents of Heley teacher of "Omotenashi English conversation" has come to Kyoto, it was a welcome party.Moments of 2016 April 29, afternoon.
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The Imperial , the shogun and Kyoto's Kitchen is important for knowing Kyoto.Please try to go there to because it is a very good place!
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From "GURUNAVI Japan Restaurant Guide", recommending eight sushi shop in Kyoto.English, Japanese, Chinese, now supports 4 languages of Korean.
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京都・聖護院の地で手作りにこだわり約50年の知る人ぞ知る老舗【京の仕出し処 山秀】独特の華やかさと高級感があります。京料理の醍醐味を生かした会席料理や幕の内弁当をが堪能できます。
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